Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Custom House Reconstruction: 22 Dec 1719-7 Jan 1724


Genealogy research is like a puzzle that must be solved without the help of a reference picture. This book presents valuable puzzle pieces to complete the picture for the Port of Philadelphia, spanning December 22, 1719 through January 7, 1724, with a complete list of ships and their travels.

The author has reconstructed a nearly complete list of ships and their voyages across the Atlantic and West Indies to and from Philadelphia. In addition to records for the Philadelphia Custom House, this book shows partial arrival and departure records (including ports other than Philadelphia) and previously unknown interactions between ships and captains. After cross-referencing names, ships, ship types, dates, and ports from the original list of 1453 captains and 1453 ships, the list was concatenated to 294 captains and 288 ships. This wealth of information is presented in a table format. An index of captains and ships adds to the value of this work.

William Taylor Easter II

2017, 8½x11, paper, index, 108 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457623