A History of Bridgetown Cemetery: Quietly Serving Cincinnati's Western Hills for over 150 Years


Bridgetown Cemetery, located in Hamilton County, Ohio's Green Township, was established in 1864 as the First German Protestant Cemetery with seven and a half acres along Cleves Pike. This cemetery was, from the beginning, a community cemetery, a final resting place for many of the township citizens who could not spend the time traveling across the rough county roads by horse and wagon to one of the larger public cemeteries located closer to the city of Cincinnati. In 1871, the cemetery donated a half-acre of land to the First German Protestant Church for their building. Many notable local politicians from Green Township, Cheviot, and western Hamilton County chose the cemetery for their final resting place. In 1939, the cemetery bought the Schaeperklaus farm directly to the north, bringing the total land to twenty-two acres. Since the new property has been developed and opened in 1961, the cemetery has been the non-denominational last resting place of choice by those seeking to remain close to their suburban, western Hamilton County roots.

This book celebrates the history, heritage, and story of the over 150-year-old Bridgetown Cemetery, and its journey from a seven and a half acre rural cemetery, to a twenty-two acre non-denominational cemetery that mimics the suburban landscape it is situated within. Numerous photographs, an appendix, a bibliography, and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Joe Flickinger

2021, 5½x8½, paper, index, 176 pp.

ISBN: 9781556134234