A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States


The author presents the progress of immigration from Norway to this country from the earliest beginning up to the year 1848. Immigration from Norway resulted in the founding of settlements in New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa successively. The causes of emigration, the growth of the movement, and the part in it that each district or province in Norway played is treated fully by the author. The leaders from each district in Norway and the founders of the settlements in the United States are named and, in many cases, sketches are given of their lives. Such questions as the course of the movement in Norway, the cost of the voyage, the course of the journey, early wage conditions, the economic conditions of the immigrants, and the geographical trend of settlement are addressed. Readers of Norse blood, but American birth, cannot help but have an interest in the material contained within as it talks about the trials and achievements of the pioneer fathers and their part in the development of the Northwest, which was a great one indeed. A new index has been added, which contains over 4,000 names.

George T. Flom, Ph.D.

(1909, 1992), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, new index, 428 pp.

ISBN: 9781556136757