Tennessee Tidbits, 1778-1914, Volume IV [hardcover]


This volume contains information abstracted primarily from the Tennessee court records of Cannon, Chester, Cocke, Cumberland, Gibson, Hawkins, Lake, Lewis, Marshall, Moore, Sequatchie, Union, and Van Buren counties. Court Minutes include County Court Minutes (also known as Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions), Circuit Court Minutes, and Chancery Court Minutes (also known as Clerk and Master). Records are listed alphabetically by surname, from Able to Ziegler, and adhere closely to the wording, spelling and punctuation of the original documents. "In Court Minutes, executors and administrators were qualified; guardians appointed, apprenticeship bonds entered; provisions were made to care for paupers, and dower and years of support was allotted to widows and families. Some law suits for division of property, divorces, and bastardy were entered. Lawsuits concerning land and property were found in Chancery Court Minutes. Applications were received for military service pensions, naturalizations, emancipations and adoptions. Lists of delinquent tax payers were noted and occasionally suits to settle estates were recorded in the Court Minutes." A fullname index and a list of all sources used in this volume are provided. This series encompasses the dates 1778-1914, but individual volumes may not contain records for the entire time span.

Marjorie Hood Fischer

(2000), 2008, 6x9, case-laminate, index, 610 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415012