History of Daviess County, Indiana


By 1919, Daviess County in southwest Indiana had 180 years of lively history to record and this voluminous collection of historical facts, opinions, lists, memories, biographies, data, and anecdotes is the result of that undertaking. Drawing from every available resource, this book offers an inclusive picture of life in what began as part of the Northwest Territories. The information is expertly organized and listed in the table of contents that includes general topics such as: Related State History, Physical and Geological Features, Political History, Daviess County at War, Educational History, and Townships. The subsections listed beneath include more specific topics on a myriad of subjects like Pontiac’s Conspiracy, Natural Resources, Forts and Block Houses, and Amusements of the Pioneers. Subjects of particular interest include encounters with the Indians, the building of the Wabash and Erie Canal, and a lengthy description of the Underground Railroad including the names of families whose homes served as stations providing food and shelter along its routes. There is obvious pride reflected in the stories of citizens who risked their lives to help slaves reach Canada and freedom. A communal belief in liberty for all men is demonstrated by their service to the Union during the Civil War. This volume includes lists of members of each regiment, where they fought and where their soldiers were wounded or killed. On a more domestic level, the History of Daviess County contains complete lists of every kind of data gatherable from municipal and local resources including census numbers, teachers, auditors, physicians, attorneys, building costs, marriage and divorce records, and members of private organizations like the DAR along with the name of the ancestor who established their eligibility. Biographical sketches of many of the county’s distinguished citizens are included.


A.O. Fulkerson


(1915, 1919), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 792 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418402