List of Emigrant Ministers to America 1690-1811


This work represents a list of approximately 1,200 prelates and teachers on whose behalf a warrant was issued between the years of 1690-1811. When King William came to power in the late 1600s he initiated a policy paying a bounty of £20 to every Minister and Schoolmaster of the Church of England who was authorized to serve in the British colonies in the Americas. Fothergill has compiled this list from a class of records housed at the Public Records Office known as Money Books, King’s Warrant Books, Treasury Papers, and Exchequer of Receipt Papers. Of these entries, arranged alphabetically, the number of ministers far out number the schoolmasters. Each entry consists of the colony of destination, date of emigration, and the source. Additional information is provided, if known, and includes: date of birth, name of parents, date of death, and school presided over. It is interesting to note that quite a few of the qualifying ministers were actually born in the colonies. This work will prove to be an interesting addition to anyone wanting to learn more about the ways ministries came to the Americas.


Gerald Fothergill 

(1904), 2002, 5½x8½, paper, 65 pp.

ISBN: 0788421530