The Black Watch: The Record of an Historic Regiment


The Black Watch: The Record of an Historic Regiment - Archibald Forbes, L.L.D. “It was as the result of a suggestion made to the authorities by Duncan Forbes of Culloden that in 1729 it was determined on that a certain number of Highland clansmen should be embodied in the character of a species of local gendarmerie. The ‘Black Watch,’ or as is its Gaelic name, ‘Am Freiceadan Dubh,’ was the appellation given to the independent companies of which, with reinforcements, the regiment was subsequently formed. From the time that the companies were first embodied until they were regimented the Highlanders continued to wear the dress of their country.” Chapters include: The Genesis of the Regiment—1729-40; “Lochaber No More!”—1743; Fontenoy—The Baptist of Fire—1745; Home and Continental Service—1745-56; Service in North America—1756; Ticonderoga—1758; Martinique and Guadaloupe—1759; North America—1759; Martinique Once Again—1762; Conquest of the Havannah—1762; Fort Pitt and the Backwoods—1762-67; Home Service—1767-76; The War of Independence—1776-82; America and Home; Flanders—1794-95; West Indies and Minorca—1795-1800; Alexandria—1801; Home Service—1801-1805; Gibraltar—1805-1808; Retreat and Battle of Coruña—1809; Home Service and Walcheren; Wellington’s Peninsular Campaigns—1810-1814; Quatra Bras and Waterloo; The Crimean War; The Indian Mutiny; The Ashanti Campaign and the Nile Expedition; and Some Pets of the Regiment. A wealth of names, dates and events fill the pages of this detailed history.

(1896, 2002), 2013, paper, index, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421952