The Other Side of War


The Other Side of War is not a story of battles and heroism-fate stepped in more than once to keep "Fuzzy" out of those situations. However, fate did take him on the greatest adventure of his life. "Fuzzy," as he was called (because it was easier to pronounce than Fazekas), was in the USN Hospital Corps for 27 months during World War II, and for 16 months as a reservist during the Korean War. He was overseas for 21 of his 27 months in the navy during World War II. (In both the European and Pacific theatres.) Travel with "Fuzzy" to "Boot Camp," to O.G.U. and Great Lakes Hospital, to Lido Beach in New York, to Scotland, Northern Ireland, on to England for D-Day. Follow him back to the States for a leave, then on to the West Coast where he was assigned to the USS Briscoe, an attack transport, followed by duty at Pearl Harbor Hospital and the Medical Supply Depot at Aiea Heights. Then during the Korean War, go on duty with him at Naval hospitals in Philadelphia and Bainbridge, Maryland. The story also deals with a short period of his life after World War II and the Korean War. The Other Side of War is written in a down-to-earth, easy to read style that keeps the story moving smoothly forward. You will find moments of both tragedy and comedy, and also bits of history about the wars. Hand-written letters from "Fuzzy" to his sister and numerous photos bring these pages to life. To those who had similar experiences, The Other Side of War will bring back many memories. To those who were on the home front and to the generations born since then, it will bring a picture of a different facet of war.


Eugene Fazekas 

2005, 8½x11, paper, 154 pp.

ISBN: 0788425994