1916 Ireland's Easter Rising, Shots that Cracked an Empire: A Compendium of People, Places and Events


This is a comprehensive guide to Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising and its repercussions. Narratives, photographs, maps, biographies, gravesites, bibliographical information, book reviews and other caveats have been combined to present a detailed account of this seminal event in Irish history.

Few people are aware of this great story. It has heroics, romance, humor, death, destruction, spirituality and the joy of the underdog. If you are of Irish descent, you will surely wish to read about this significant event. It will also appeal to those with a casual curiosity as well as the serious scholar.

The Easter Rising of 1916 was an event doomed to failure from the very beginning. The primary leadership within the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) had no illusions about its chances for success. Their goal was multi-faceted: (1) Awaken the national spirit of the Irish people, both within and outside of the island, (2) Attack England when the country was most vulnerable, (3) Attempt to establish an Irish Republic which would be in place whenever a peace conference would settle World War I, thereby receiving de facto recognition, and (4) Show the world that the Irish people felt so passionately about their heritage and country that they were willing to battle the most powerful imperialistic nation on earth to achieve full independence and rid Ireland of 700 years of British rule.

Frederick G. Fierch

2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 176 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444876