Franklin County, Tennessee Will Abstracts, Volume 1 1808-1875


This volume contains the abbreviated text of Franklin County, Tennessee wills from 1808 through 1875. Each entry lists all information pertinent to research and eliminates the cumbersome text often associated with this type of publication.

Void of legal terminology, it immediately captures relevant data ... the name of deceased, heirs, and relationships - information researchers want. As Joe Friday would say, "just the facts ma'am, just the facts."

William Griffin of Franklin County, TN
Wife: Jemimah GRIFFIN otherwise called Jemimiah McCoy.
Daughters: Mahala; otherwise called Mahala McCoy, a negro boy named Beverly and negro girl named Vina to be hers until she becomes of age or at her marriage." Lucind Griffin; otherwise known as Lucinda McCoy, my negro woman named Hannah and her child, Esther, my negro boy named Kitt."
Sons: General 'another track of land adjoining the one whereon I now life containing upward (of) 150 acres which I bought of Benjamin Johnston. Title and interest to the tract of land whereon I now live containing about 270 acres herdley. Deed of Conveyance from General John Coffee. My negro man named Nelson to be absolutely his when he arrives at the age of 21." .... continues with more inheritances of son, wife, etc.

Frances T. Ingmire

1984, paper, 112 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476204