Newton County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1846-1939


Newton County, Texas was created in 1846 out of the lands of Jasper County. Since some of these records were generated in other counties, the records may not be complete and the Jasper records were destroyed by fire in 1849. What is found in these records are the probate records found in Newton County for the most part. They list the name of the deceased, minor or lunatic, the date filed and the case number. Each of the entries is very important in trying to reclaim the files from the county court clerk.

Example of the probate records:
CALHOUN, Bevis, Charles Ray, L.D., R. C., Jr., Richard, Verbie and Virgil, minors; Feb. 15, 1937; case no. 888
HICKMAN, Theophalus, deceased; Oct.7, 1848; case no. 5

WPA Records

(1941), 2023, paper, 31 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476501