Liberty County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1850-1939


Liberty County, Texas was founded in 1831, as a municipality in Mexico as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad de la Libertad by commissioner José Francisco Madero and organized as a county of the Republic of Texas in 1836. Its name was anglicized as Liberty based on the ideal of American liberty. Another early name, ARKOKISA, one of the names of the Trinity River, is probably a corruption of ORQUISACO, the name of an Indian tribe on its banks. At a later period it was called ATASCOSITA District, because of the Atascosita Road that crossed the river here.

This volume is an alphabetical listing of the names of the deceased persons. Given are the names of the minors and other principals with reference to the filing date of the name of the principal. In some cases, the cause of death is given. The originals are in the County Court Clerk’s vault and may be researched there, or by using the case number you may request a copy of the original from their office.


Example of the entries in this volume:
BRUNSON, Beulah and Blanches, minors Jan. 25, 1906 case no. 379
CRUSE, W. M. , deceased Jan. 2, 1936 case no. 1184

WPA Records

(1941), 2023, 47 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476143