Franklin County, Tennessee Will Abstracts, Volume 2 1876-1891


Like Volume I, Volume II of this work is directed specifically towards the genealogical researcher. This volume contains the abbreviated text of Franklin County, Tennessee wills from 1876 through 1891. Each entry lists all information pertinent to research and eliminates the cumbersome text often associated with this type of publication.

Void of legal terminology, it immediately captures relevant data ... the name of deceased, heirs, and relationships - information researchers want and need to establish relationships of ancestors.

Example: Benjamin Elliott
Children: William, Dawson B., Benjamin F., Enoch G., and Ellender Jane, Wife of John P. Francis. Executor: John P. Francis Dated 16 Nov. 1875 Codicil: Dated 25 Jan. 1876 ... "My reason for making this change is an account of my son B. F. Elliott having married a woman of bad reputation and on account of his mental imbecility."

Frances T. Ingmire

28 p.

ISBN: 9780788476082