Hunt County, Texas - Hargrave College Faculties Minutes 1895 and Students Commerce Public Schools 1901-1912

       Hargrave College Faculties Minutes 1895
Students  Commerce Public Schools 1901-1912 
Hunt County, Texas

                                             Frances Terry Ingmire 

This little volume is one of those most people do not find in their historical and genealogical research. It contains two items of interest. The first is the Minutes of the Faculties of Hargrave College from November 8, 1895, until March 14, 1898. These are the day-to-day events that were going on during that time and the accounts of the faculty.

The second item is the Commerce Public School records. The value of these records are the listings of students, their ages, and their parents, in some cases. On other students, the time they were in school is noted. One will note that the listing of those children now paying tuition is of interest also.

8.5"x11", index, softcover, copyright 1980, 49 pp