The Goodwin Families in America


This work was originally published in 1897 as a supplement to the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine; it documents Judge John S. Goodwin’s attempt to trace his family in America. The genealogy deals primarily with the York County, Virginia, Goodwins, beginning with Major James Goodwin who settled there in 1648. The major, who was a prominent citizen in early Virginia, served as justice from 1657 to 1662 and in 1658 represented his county in the House of Burgesses. While exploring the York County branch of the Goodwins the author discovered many other unrelated Goodwin families scattered about the country. In the hope that some later researcher might be able to tie these families to his own, he has provided a wealth of information on these families as well. In all, there are twenty-seven appendices dealing with the unconnected families including those found in Brookville, Indiana; Fayette County, Pennsylvania; Wheeling, West Virginia; St. Mary’s County, Maryland; Davidson County, Tennessee; Botetourt County, Virginia; and Carroll County, Maryland, just to name a few.

John S. Goodwin

(1897, 1995), 2011,5½x8½, paper, index, 206 pp.

ISBN: 9780788402050