Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds (1759-1854), and Marriage Returns (1785-1848)


This volume combines the Fauquier County marriage bonds and ministers’ returns into one master list covering nearly a century. The marriage bonds were transcribed by Mr. Gott from the typed copies of the original bonds for the period, 1759–1848; and from the marriage register for 1848–1854. These data were then supplemented with the data from the ministers’ returns for the period 1785–1848 as extracted from an unpublished typescript prepared by Mildred S. Vorwaller in 1965. The marriage bonds usually provide the names of groom, bride, bondsmen, and sometimes parents or guardians, as well as the date of the bond. This information was compared with the marriage returns and any differences or additional information was noted. The differences usually consist of variations in the spelling of names, and the additional information usually consists of the date of marriage and the minister’s name. The data are arranged alphabetically by the name of the groom, and there is a cross-index to brides and others named. This composite volume of marriage data should be a boon to Fauquier County researchers.

John K. Gott

(1989), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 296 pp.

ISBN: 9781556132513