History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland, 1493-1625


History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland, 1493 - 1625.

Donald Gregory.

This is a milestone work and the indispensable foundation of many succeeding works on the Lordship of the Isles, the branches of Clan Donald and the allied and vassal clans of the Lordship, others, feuds, etc. Using public records, ancient charters and family papers, the charter chest of Kilravock, and the British Museum among other sources, Mr. Gregory covers the area's early history and the rise and fall of the great Lordship of the Isles; the immediate effects of the forfeiture of that Lordship through "the time when, by the exertions of James VI, the Western Highlanders, from being frequently in rebellion against the royal authority, had begun to be distinguished for their loyalty"; and their support of the house of Stewart. This easy to read volume will be of great value to anyone interested in the volatile history of Scotland and its leaders. Its name, place and subject index makes it easy to locate specific battles, individuals and clans. The author was the Joint Secretary to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and an honorary member of the Ossianic Society of Glasgow.

ISBN: 9780788404207