In Search of Hamish McBagpipes: A Concise Guide to Scottish Genealogy


This popular reference, called “a must read book” by the Stevens County Genealogical Society, will be a boon to both professional and amateur researchers searching for their roots in Scotland. This book was designed for people who want to learn more of their Scottish family history, but have been confused or intimidated by other instruction manuals; the author allows you to work more efficiently and accomplish more. The work is divided into five sections which lead the researcher along a logical, step-by-step research path. The first section presents the author’s system for beginning family research: sketching a family tree using your present knowledge, then adding personal biographies, labeled photographs and any other memorabilia. An interview questionnaire is included to help the reader gain the most from interviews with family members. The second section describes how to prepare for further research, providing the reader with an overview of libraries overseas and in the U.S. In addition, the author describes how to acquire the background knowledge of Scottish history and geography necessary for accurate interpretation of records. The third part describes the New Register House in Scotland, which contains parish registers, census returns and civil registrations; this section also includes a helpful trouble-shooting guide. The fourth section guides the reader to four additional source groups: public record offices in Great Britain, libraries in Great Britain and North America, the Church of Latter-day Saints and private sources. An informative research outline provides the reader with an alphabetical listing of types of information and records. The fifth section of the book touches upon final techniques to use once the above research has been completed. Finally, a subject index makes all the information readily accessible. In the words of Baytown Genealogical Society, this book presents “exact instructions for obtaining the most information in the shortest period of time for the least money.” The Genealogist called the book “Interesting and informative…very useable…[with] plenty of practical suggestions.” As its popularity with readers and reviewers will attest, this book is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in Scottish roots.


Douglas Bruce Goldie 

(1992), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, 124 pp.

ISBN: 9781556135972