Garland Genealogy: The Descendants [Northern Branch] of Peter Garland, Mariner, Admitted Resident of Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, in 1637


“This record of the Northern branch of the Garland family in the United States begins with Peter Garland, mariner, first found as a resident of Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, in 1637. It is believed he is the ancestor of all the early settlers named Garland in both the Northern and Southern States. His name is not found in any of the passenger lists of early days, which may be accounted for by the fact that he was a ‘mariner’ and probably came as seaman in a vessel coming to America from England.” Entries typically include: number (from number 1, Peter Garland through number 1592, Kate Garland Phinney), full name, date of birth, date of marriage and name of spouse, date of death, residence and a list of children. Many entries contain additional information such as occupation, military service, cause of death, etc. The entries for children generally include date of birth, date of marriage, name of spouse and residence. Numerous portraits enliven the text. This work is completed by an index to Garlands (which also lists the names of spouses) and an index to names other than Garland.


Gray Garland 

(1897, 1993), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 232 pp.

ISBN: 9781556138072