Burials in Pro-Cathedral and Cathedral Cemeteries, Baltimore, Maryland, 1791-1874


The records in this volume are those of the Pro-Cathedral Cemetery at Charles and Saratoga Streets and of the Cathedral Cemetery at North Fremont Avenue and Winchester Street for the period 1791 through 1874.

Prior to this book, it was necessary to know an approximate date of death or burial in order to locate information. Now the data is in alphabetical order by the deceased's last name, and the deceased are more easily located. Entries include (as available) surname, first name, date of death, date of burial, age, cause of death, and additional information. The final section of this volume, "Incomplete Interments: People Without Last Names," lists information chronologically by burial date.


 Hans Grogaard and Mary Warfield of the Maryland Historical Society.


(2004), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, alpha., 422 pp.

ISBN: 9781585499229