Mary Eliza Easton Diary, Loudon, Franklin County, Pennsylvania


The colonial village of Fort Loudon lies quietly at the foot of the Tuscarora Mountains in Pennsylvania., its main street little changed during the past 150 years. Fort Loudon was a boom town in the mid-mid 19th century, serving the needs of pioneers who trekked across the often unfriendly mountains to the Ohio River on their way west. Fort Loudon gained national fame for its wagons, wagon gears, and blacksnake whips. Mary Eliza Easton (1851-1908) as a native of Fort Loudoun. Her diary preserves many details of daily life; weather conditions, the cost of every merchandise, the price of produce. The author transcribed Miss Easton’s diary for its historical content regarding the Path Valley. Snippets from the local newspaper, Public Opinion (printed in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania), supplement the diary entries.


Diane E Greene, AG 

2004, 5½x8½, paper, 136 pp. 

ISBN: 1585499447