Wright Family Personal Property Tax Lists, Bedford County, Virginia 1782-1850


The author has amassed a bounty of information about Wrights in southern Virginia. This material has been separated into sections by county and by type, making it an efficient and organized resource for Wright family researchers. The Bedford County, Virginia, Personal Property Tax Lists were the source of this information. This collection of personal property records is arranged chronologically, 1782-1850. We can gain a fascinating insight into how the early Wrights lived, based on the types of property which appear in these tax lists. This easy-to-read format may include white and black tithables, whites over 21, blacks over 16, blacks under 16, total blacks, horses, cattle, carriages, ordinary licenses, billiard tables, ice houses, watches, clocks, furniture, pianos, and income from working physicians, surgeons and dentists, printing presses and bridge and ferry rents for any given entry. All names are indexed. A most helpful feature for each entry is the "identification" column, in which the author identifies the specific family and Wright ancestors from whom the names Wright descends.

Robert N. Grant

2000, 8½x11, paper, index, 461 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415036