History of Carver, Massachusetts, 1637 to 1910


History of Carver, Massachusetts, 1637 to 1910 - Henry S. Griffith. Carver and the neighboring town of Plympton are located about ten miles west of Plymouth. This is a comprehensive history of these two little New England towns, with plenty of genealogical information as well. This work is packed with more than sixty illustrations of local landmarks, homes, schools, churches and portraits. Chapters discuss natural conditions, Indians, first speculators, early laws, early settlers, Plympton in the Revolution, churches, the temperance movement, furnaces and foundries, the cranberry industry, military history, Carver in the War of the Rebellion, War of 1812-14, post offices, smallpox, cemeteries, population, miscellaneous industries, chronological events and landmarks. There are also biographical sketches, lists of names of precinct officers, parish officers, church members, state and county officers and town officers. This work is complete with a full-name index. (1913, 2000), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 366 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416132