The Diary of the Rev. John Mill


The Diary of the Rev. John Mill: Minister of the Parishes of Dunrossness Sandwick and Cunningsburgh in Shetland 1740-1803 with Selections from Local Records and Original Documents Relating to the District - Gilbert Goudie. Mill was an energetic and enthusiastic parish minister as well as a diligent writer. This work is presented in chronological order, leading the reader into the life of a minister in the far-off northern isles of Scotland during the second half of the 1700s. In addition to the Diary, and a collection of 'Speeches,' or Addresses for Communion Seasons, this work contains the Kirk-Session Minutes of his parish covering nearly sixty years, which Mill penned himself. The lively style of his writing places before us a vivid picture of domestic manners and church life and feeling at the time. The editor's addition of notes and original illustrative material make this work more valuable as a contribution to the topographical literature and history of the northern Scottish Isles. Boasting an original combined fullname and subject index, this work is further complemented with an appendix containing extracts from records and original documents, in period specific dialect, on a number of different topics including: List of Parish Ministers of Dunrossness, Sandwick, and Cunningsburgh from 1567-1843, Feuds and Bloodshed in Dunrossness in the 1500s, and Diary and Baptismal and Marriage Register of Rev. John Hunter, Episcopal Clergyman in Shetland 1734-1745. (1889), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 332 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423352