Fauquier County, Virginia Court Records 1776-1782


The following abstracts of the Minute and Order Books of Fauquier County, Virginia cover the years of the American Revolution, 1776 through 1780. They were to be an appendix to Fauquier County in the Revolution by T. Triplett Russell and John K. Gott, which was published by the Fauquier County American Bicentennial Commission; however, the size of that volume prohibited the inclusion of the material. Some of the material was incorporated in the text of that history, but, it being primarily a military account of the county’s involvement in the Revolution, much of the civilian material was not used.

The official records of the county court are important to genealogists and local historians. The public claims made by civilians for provisions furnished the Revolutionary forces, i.e. the militia of the county and the Continental forces passing through, have been published in the Virginia Genealogist, Volume 23, 1979. The “loose papers” usually filed in the archives of the Clerk’s Office, accompanying the entries in the Minute and Order Books are non-existent. For some unexplained reason, they have disappeared. This is very unusual for the records of Fauquier County, which are quite complete.

Copies of the Minute Books are available on microfilm at the Fauquier County Public Library, Warrenton, or the Virginia State Library, Richmond. The original books are in various stages of deterioration and consequently not available for public use. A surname index adds to the value of this work.

John K. Gott

(1993), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, index, 190 pp.

ISBN: 9781556139086