GilmAncestry: The Family Tree of George Urling Gilman and Lyndon Robert Gilman


This volume is an in-depth genealogical history of four seventeenth century New England immigrants and their families: Edward Gilman of Exeter, New Hampshire; Richard Tuttle of Rumney Marsh (Revere), Massachusetts; William Goodhue of Ipswich, Massachusetts; and William Furbish of Berwick, Maine. The extensive narratives of the varying experiences of these different northern New England families range from a successful Puritan merchant in Massachusetts to a Scotsman captured by Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Dunbar and shipped to Maine as an indentured servant. Biographical materials include the towns and villages where the ancestors lived, their marriages, churches, ancestry, genealogy, education, civil responsibilities and military history. Records, documents and letters relating to the ancestors and their civil, legal and religious lives, extensive descriptions of the real property they owned, and transcriptions of their wills and inventories all afford the reader a well-rounded portrait of these individuals. The book includes exhaustive citations to primary source materials, an extensive ahnentafel covering hundreds of New England ancestors, a full name index, the text of sixty wills and scores of inventories, indentures and other documents. It is also illustrated with numerous maps and photos.

Gregory Gilman

2008, 6x9, cloth, index, 546 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447778