Wright Family Census, Land Grants, Land Tax, Deed, Death, and Probate Records, Montgomery County, Virginia


The author has amassed a bounty of information about Wrights in southern Virginia. This volume contains appendices to Sorting Some of the Wrights of Southern Virginia: Census Records, 1810 to 1900; Land Grants, 1776 to 1900; Deed Records, 1776 to 1900; Land Tax Lists, 1782 to 1850; Death Records, 1853 to 1896; and Probate Records, 1776 to 1902. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record with the identification of the person named and their Wright ancestor to the extent known. The identification of a person or their ancestor by year and county indicates their year of death and county of residence at death. If no state is listed after after the county, the state is Virginia; counties in states other than Virginia will have a state listed after the county.

Robert N. Grant

2014, 8½x11, paper, index, 284 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455353