"In Te Domine Speramus": Essays on Rhode Island Military History


This book offers a compilation of essays regarding the military history of Rhode Island. Although small in size, Rhode Island history is big in significance. Since the American Revolution, and especially in the Civil War, Rhode Islanders have long contributed to the nation's defense. These essays, each different in its scope, provide an overview into the Rhode Island military experience and a better understanding of the rich military heritage of the smallest state.

Rhode Island's motto is Hope, originally styled as "In Te Domine Speramus", meaning "Our Hope is in Thee, Lord." Rhode Islanders have long used the anchor as a symbol of Hope, while wearing badges and buttons inscribed with the motto on their uniforms in times of conflict, or even now by the Rhode Island State Police and Rhode Island National Guard.

Chapters include: "We landed beat them from fence to fence," "Died in the Service of his Country," "The muffled drum’s sad roll has beat," Solving a Rhode Island Civil War mystery, "An Officer of Rare Judgement," "Martyrs to the Cause of Liberty," "I have not heard of him since," In Search of Private Coman, Writing Rhode Island Civil War History, Ocean State Confederates, "They have just brought one more," "Here we lost many good men," "With regret I am called to inform you," "Scarce a man but lost a friend or relative," and Lines on the Death of Alfred S. Knight.

Robert Grandchamp

2018, 6x9, paper, 218 pp.

ISBN: 9780788458309