The Big Yellow House on Grandfather's Farm: Cousin Lillian Comes to the Farm


When the author met her grandparents for the first time, it did not matter whether she could understand them. Their big hugs mingled with the aroma of grandma’s Kolache baking in the cast iron cook stove told her she was home. She spent her days helping grandma with little chores or with grandpa around the farm. Grandpa and grandma knew, however, that Agnes needed someone her own age to play with. That person was her cousin Lillian.

Lillian brought her Baby Doll and Agnes had her Raggedy Ann, but they soon tired of playing with dolls. “What shall we do today?” and “What shall we play?” became their daily mantra. One day they’d be down in the root cellar or up in the hay loft. The next, they’d help grandma gather eggs from the hen house or carry her letter addressed to her home village of Jamné in the “Old Country” to the mailbox that stood at the end of the dirt road.

Follow these two as they perform their little chores then set out to begin their day of play. Their escapades are presented in short vignettes of lyrical verse enhanced by simplistic illustrations.

Agnes Evans Gish

2018, 11x8½, paper, 40 pp.

ISBN: 9780788458446