Lisa and Scott. A Tale of Love ... and Survival


Lisa and Scott. A Tale of Love ... and Survival. Michael Griske and Catherine Mayrides.

Lisa & Scott — editor Michael Griske’s latest work — vividly describes the peaks and valleys of two senior citizens’ romantic relationship through text messages which they exchanged. This couple hopes that others will be inspired to overcome the pitfalls which love alone can’t always conquer by reliving their story in the pages of this book. Mr. Griske and Catherine Mayrides, both of whom are keenly aware of all the obstacles Lisa and Scott faced, have supplemented their words in this publication with narratives and poems which provide additional insights as to how this wonderful union was able to survive and thrive in a world where breakups are all too common.

Also available from Heritage Books is Mr. Griske’s book, The Diaries of John Hunton, the true saga of our nation’s frontier era as recorded by a Wyoming pioneer and his good friend, Michael’s grandfather — a must read for Old West enthusiasts.

2019, 5½x8½, paper, , 122 pp.

ISBN: 9780788459016