Inventory of Maryland Bible Records, Volume One


The Genealogical Council of Maryland was established in 1976 as a coordinating mechanism for the various organizations in Maryland which had an interest in genealogy. The information preserved in this volume was collected by the Bible Survey Committee under the auspices of the Genealogical Council of Maryland. It consists of two main sections: the Bibles section and the Surname section. In the Bible section, each bible is listed under the name of the principal family or families in the record. Entries give the year of publication (if known), the year of earliest birth, the year of the earliest marriage, other surnames listed in the records, residences (if mentioned) and location of copies of the record. The Surname section is an alphabetical index of the surnames given in the records; it does not include the title family name of the various records. This volume contains about 2,700 bible records.

Genealogical Council of Maryland 

(1989, 1998), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 144 pp.

ISBN: 9780940907126