Index of Death Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Daily Times, 1840 - 1879


Index of Death Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Daily Times, 1840 - 1879 - Hamilton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. The Cincinnati Daily Times first began publishing on April 25, 1840 under the name Spirit of the Times, and soon thereafter, in April 1841, the name became Daily Times. In a short time, it was the largest daily newspaper in Cincinnati printed in English. In 1866, the name was changed to Cincinnati Daily Times. This index covers the period from April 1840 until December 1879. During this time, death notices of local citizens were published on a daily basis. These death notices are of great use to the family history researcher, since before 1865 the city of Cincinnati did not keep any official record of deaths and until 1908 death certificates were not required by the state of Ohio. Between the years 1865 and 1908, the city of Cincinnati did keep records of persons who died within the city limits (mostly the immediate downtown area) and then only if the family or undertaker reported it to the office. Even if the death was recorded, the information contained in the certificate was usually minimal (e.g. name, age, address, place of burial, and county of birth). Death notices in the Cincinnati Daily Times, on the other hand, frequently contained much information about the deceased and their survivors. Typically for an adult, a death notice would contain the person’s full name, the name of the spouse (if married), the person’s age, date of death, and in a few cases, the place of birth. If the deceased was child or minor, the notice usually listed the names of both parents. Some information that might have been included: the church where the funeral occurred, other places of residence, or place of death (if not Cincinnati). Because of space considerations not all of the vital information in the death notice is contained within this index. What it does contain is the name of the deceased, sorted alphabetically by last name, the date(s) that the death notice appeared in the newspaper, and the actual date of death and age, if published. The page number where the original notice can be found is included and, if the place of birth was included in the notice, an “*” appears to the left of the page number. In addition to the alphabetical listing of death notices by surname, there is a supplemental alphabetical listing of deaths by maiden names. In total, over 19,000 death notices have been indexed in this volume. The issues of the Cincinnati Daily Times covered by this index are microfilmed and available to the public at the History Department of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. (1994), 2010, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, index, 288 pp.

ISBN: 9780788400636