A Few More Descendants of Lewis Jones, 1603-1684


This book will be of value to genealogists and researchers interested in: (a) sorting out the many Jones families; (b) connections into other New England families; (c) following the various descendants into the whole United States (especially into the Midwest); and (d) descendants of the female lines and how they link into the Lewis Jones family. This compilation traces the progeny of Lewis Jones (born about 1603) and Anna (Stone) Jones (born 1624) for fourteen generations, including many female lines. Lewis and Anna had six children, two of whom (Lydia and Josiah) were the forebears of descendants who scattered throughout New England and other parts of the North American continent. It is arranged by generation, using the "Modified Register System." Information includes births, deaths, marriages, places where vital events occurred, multiple marriages, and occasionally, notations of significant life experiences. The reader is able to note the pattern of movement made by family members, even into Canada. Many of the female lines of the Jones family are traced as they married into other familiar New England families: Whitney, Coolidge, Warren, Mixer, Locke, Brewer, Perry, Pierce, Learned, Bemis, Harrington, and many more. Detailed notes are included for Revolutionary War and Civil War veterans. The comprehensive index gives the birth and death dates for each individual, and women are listed both under their maiden names and under their married names with the maiden name in parentheses.


Jerry N. Harrison, Ph. D.


(1995), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 262 pp.

ISBN: 9780788402197