Northampton County, Virginia "1890" Land Tax


This volume is presented in the same double-page format as the Northampton County, Virginia, 1890 Personal Property Tax List due to the volume of information. It offers a wealth of valuable genealogical data presented in a convenient table format with entries listed alphabetically by surname within most sections.

Column headings include: Name of Person who by himself or by his tenant has the freehold in possession the land charged (residence of the owner of the tract of land – both in column 1); Nature of the owner’s estate whether held in fee or for life; Number of acres in each tract; Name of tract and description of the land; Distance and Bearing from the courthouse; Value of land per acre, including buildings; Sum included in the value of each tract of land on account of buildings; Total value of the land and buildings; Amt. of tax on the land and buildings at 30 cts. on every $100 value thereof; Amt. of tax on the land and buildings at 10 cts. on every $100 value thereof; TOTAL TAX; Amt. of tax levied for county free school purposes; Amt. of tax levied for district free school purposes; Total levy for county and district free school purposes; and Amt. of Tax levied for County Purposes.

Chapters include: Capeville District, Recapitulation, Eastville District, Recapitulation, Franktown District, Recapitulation, Cape Charles City, Recapitulation, County Recapitulation, Cape Charles (map and lots), Oaths & Certificates, Largest Landowners, and Largest taxpayers. Several facsimile reprints of original documents and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Allen B. Hamilton

2020, 8½x11, paper, index, 128 pp.

ISBN: 9780788402593