Visitation of England and Wales: Volume 13, 1905

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Visitation of England and Wales: Volume 13, 1905 - Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Records genealogical information in the form of pedigrees starting in the mid-18th century. Pedigrees start with the grandparents of the principal person, and contain notices of all descendants of their name, often covering five generations. A significant amount of genealogical and biographical information is given for each person. Lavishly illustrated with portraits, silhouettes, signatures, and coats of arms. Volume 13 lists pedigrees (from various counties): Adams, Amherst (Earl), Armstrong (Baron), Auden, Bagot, Brewster, Colyer, Crisp, Duncan, Dunne, Edmeades, Finnemore, Fisher, Fletcher, Graham, Keighly-Peach, Kenrick, Littledale, Master, Maughan-Ettrick, Milner (Baronet), Nelson (Earl), Powis (Earl of), Ridley, Round, Scarbrough (Earl of), Sherborn, Shuttleworth (Baron), Spedding, Tenterden (Baron), Treves (Baronet), Vaillant, Vidler, Wigan (Baronet). Includes several illustrations of armorial bearings and book-plates. (1905), reprint, 8½x11, paper, index, illus., 220 pp. 101-H0476 ISBN: 0788404768