Visitation of England and Wales: Volume 15, 1908

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Visitation of England and Wales: Volume 15, 1908 - Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Records genealogical information in the form of pedigrees starting in the mid-18th century. Pedigrees start with the grandparents of the principal person, and contain notices of all descendants of their name, often covering five generations. A significant amount of genealogical and biographical information is given for each person. Lavishly illustrated with portraits, silhouettes, signatures, and coats of arms. Volume 15 lists pedigrees: Amherst, Arkwright, Askwith, Bendall, Benyon, Brewster, Burroughes, Crispe, Deacon, De Ramsey, Dixon-Hartland, Fanshawe, Fellowes, Forwood, Freeman, Goddard, Goschen, Gower, Hovenden, Marsh, Marshall, Mason, Murray, Oswell, Parry, Pearson, Player, Price, Prideaux, Rew, Rudge, Scott, Sheppard, Simpson, Turnbull, Walker, Warwick (Earl of), Wills, Woodthorpe, Wright. (1908), reprint, 8½x11, paper, index, illus., 220 pp. 101-H0519 ISBN: 0788405195