Vital Records of Rye, New Hampshire to the Year 1890

A Transcript of the Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths in This Town to the Year 1890

This compilation provides an account of the vital happenings in and around Rye, New Hampshire, (and also includes Portsmouth, New Castle, and Hampton) from the 1720s to 1890. The facts supporting this book are taken from microfilmed copies of the original town records of the Congregational Church, which was organized in 1726. In addition to the records mentioned above, an annotated 1790 Federal census rounds out the book. The author has used her sources to create a complete picture of the happenings at this place and time in American history. Each type of record has its own part and is alphabetically organized. In most cases, birth records include the first and last names of the child, sex, parents? first names, and birthdate (day, month, year). The baptism records are arranged the same way, including date of baptism, son or daughter of....., dates, etc. The list of marriages is organized with both the man's and woman's last name for reference and includes in most cases: date, status (widow, Reverend, military rank, etc.), the town the people are from, and, in some cases: first and last name, parents? or spouses? names, date, age, and in many cases the cause of death (war, suicide, drowning, etc.). The annotated census is arranged alphabetically according to the heads of households. These records include places of birth and baptism, dates, spouse's name(s), parent's names, list of children's names and their birth dates, ages, status. The census is indexed.


Kathleen E. Hosier


ISBN: 9781556136214