Annals of the Town of Keene, from its First Settlement in 1734 to the Year 1790; with Corrections, Additions, and a Continuation from 1790 to 1815

The town of Keene in southwestern New Hampshire was first granted by Massachusetts (which then claimed the territory) in an effort to secure its western extremities with frontier settlements. This early work presents a concise history of the town in chronologically arranged annals In addition to the citizens mentioned in the text there are several major lists: original proprietors, 1734; militiamen, 1773; Association Test, 1776; and pew owners, 1785. There are maps for 1750, 1800 and 1850. The 1800 map of the village shows residences and identifies their owners, while the 1850 map shows building without identifying most of them. All names are now accessible by means of a new name index.


Salma Hale


(1851), 1992, 5½x8½, paper, maps, index, 128 pp

ISBN: 9781556136337