Visitation of England and Wales Notes: Volume 4, 1902


The "Notes" series contain genealogical data on the older generations of the families discussed in the "Visitations" series, to which they are directly keyed. The bulk of the material in these volumes consists of documents, abstracts and other supporting material. Volume 4 contains more pedigrees, bookplates, wills, coats of arms, monumental inscriptions, Bible extracts, etc., of the following families: Lockett, Britton, Carlyon, Dugdale, Gibson, Jeaffreson, Josselyn, Langley, Lloyd, Lockett, Manning, Markham, Monck, Nicholls, Oliver, Percival, Pilkington, Rivington, Savage, Somers, Tower, Woodrooffe and Young.


Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp 

(1902), reprint, 8½x11, paper, index, illus., 162 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406690