Upshur County Death Records 1853-1928


An Alphabetical Listing of Deaths Recorded in the Upshur County Courthouse, Buckhannon, West Virginia, 1853-1928.

This compilation is an abstract primarily of Volumes I (1853-1889), IA (1890-1906, incomplete), II (1887-1913), and III (1914-1928) of the Upshur County death records at Upshur County Courthouse. Additionally, where cemetery records could be found, the authors used the Upshur County Genealogical Society Cemetery Readings. Volumes include: I (Washington District), II (Banks District), III (Meade District), IV (Union District), V (Buckhannon and Warren Districts), and VI (Heavner and related Buckhannon District Cemetery).

The records themselves, arranged in alphabetical order, give the last and first name of the deceased; his or her age, frequently in months and days; the date; the names of the parents or the burying place, if either is known; the volume, page and line number where the record can be found, plus additional references where necessary.


Paul C. and Judith Hawkins


(1992), 2017, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 168 pp.

ISBN: 9781556137563