The Descendants of Ebenezer Locke, 1674-1723, Son of William Locke of Woburn, Massachusetts


This book was written to identify many, not all, of the descendants of Ebenezer Locke. In reading John G. Locke, The Book of the Lockes, it seemed to this author that there were many unfinished lines. After completing the book, he understood why: the descendants of Ebenezer Locke were restless and mobile. They scattered throughout New England, New York and into the Midwest very early in U.S. history. Many of them took advantage of the farmlands outside of New England available after the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. This book concentrates on those lines which the author found interesting. Included are many stories, war records, and the lives of a lot of extraordinary men and women. Excluded are some of the lines covered in The Book of the Lockes and extended coverage of some of the female lines. Many of the blank lines found in the former are completed. This is also an attempt to update this Locke line as close to 1900 as possible. This book is presented in the Modified Register System format. The everyname index lists women under both their married and maiden names; the maiden names also appear in parentheses under the married name entries.


Jerry N. Harrison 


1997, paper, 403 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407932