Letters to Lauretta


Letters to Lauretta - Jerome J. Hale and Joseph Bray, Jr. A contemporary account of life in Darlinton/Florence, South Carolina, through actual letters of Elizabeth (Blackwell) Pettigrew to her niece, Lauretta (McBride) Gulledge, living in Jasper County, Mississippi. Elizabeth's letters span the period 1849-1861 and relate news of church and social life, the health and the customs of family and friends during that period. Family names of Pettigrew, Blackwell, McBride, Burch, Gulledge, Dargan, Wingate, Harrell, Lane, Nettles, Commander, Lide, Hepburn, Woodward and many others are included and identified through annotations. The book also includes letters written from 1861-1863 by Lauretta's son, Samuel Blackwell Gulledge, a Confederate soldier. His letters tell of life in soldiers' camps, his longing for home, and his concern for his family in Mississippi. Family names from Jasper County, Mississippi, and others are included in Blackwell's letters. Family group sheets with additional information for many of the names mentioned in the letters are provided in an Appendix.

(1993), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 348 pp.

ISBN: 9781556138942