Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina, Volume 2: 1866-1887

This volume contains marriage and death notices from the three Baptist newspapers which were published in South Carolina following the Civil War: The South Carolina Baptist (1866–1868) published at Anderson, The Working Christian (1869–1878) published first in Yorkville and later (beginning 19 May 1870) in Charleston, and The Baptist Courier (1878–1887). The notices are from all over South Carolina; however, the lion’s share concern the Barnwell County area.

In the difficult post-war years many people could not afford to erect tombstones or erected only wooden stones, which have long since weathered away. For some of those interred, an obituary notice may be the only record of their death. Marriage notices are especially important in South Carolina, where there was no state-wide marriage license law until 1 July 1911.

A full-name index, prepared by James D. McKain, adds to the value of this work.

Brent H. Holcomb

(1996), 2021, 6x9, paper, index, 360 pp.

ISBN: 9780788412004