Middlesex County, New Jersey, Deed Abstracts Book 1


Middlesex County, New Jersey, Deed Abstracts Book 1 - Richard S. Hutchinson. This volume contains the Middlesex County clerk's handwritten recordings of deeds, listed as they were presented. This information has been gleaned from early deed books maintained at the Middlesex County Court House in New Brunswick. Smatterings of miscellaneous documents, such as release of dower, creditor's agreements, division of property, power of attorney, divorce decrees, applications for lost deeds arising from British actions during the Revolution, and deeds of sale by the Commission of Forfeited Estates of Fugitives and Offenders are also included. The majority of the documents recorded in this book originated during the 1720s through the 1780s, and provide a rich source of genealogical information. Pertinent dates and the names of wives, children, siblings, parents, previous property owners, adjoining property owners, witnesses and relatives abound. Many names recorded within these documents differ in spelling from the signatures. "The abstracts of this book record all of the above information including how the person signed the document or whether they simply 'made their mark.' Every readable name in the recorded document is included in the index." (2000), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 146 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414343