Our Maryland Heritage, Book 23: The Etchison Families


This is the twenty-third book in this series on Maryland families. The author, already renowned for his works on the Beckwith, Bowman, Brandenburg, Browning, Burdette, Fisher, Fry, Fulks, Gue, Hines, Hurley, King, Lewis, Lowder, Maddox, Miles, Mullinix-Mulleneaux, Niekirk, Perry, Pratt, Purdum, Soper, Stottlemyer, Walker, Warfield, Watkins and White families, now turns his attention to the Etchison families of Montgomery County, Maryland. The text begins with a chart showing a graphic representation of the principal family members discussed and their relationships to one another, and then moves on to review the earliest existing public records of the family in Maryland. The primary line of descent discussed is that of John Etchison (spelled Atchinson in the Maryland census of 1776), born c. 1750 in Frederick County, Maryland. His descent is traced through the lines of his sons: Ephraim, John Jr., Elisha, Frederick, William and Samuel.

The majority of the data presented in this study has been gleaned from the records of the Montgomery County Historical Society, supplemented by research conducted at the Montgomery County and Frederick County courthouses, and the consultation of census returns, church and cemetery records, obituary collections and published works of family history and genealogical abstracts. The text is enhanced by an extensive bibliography and an index of full names.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

(2000), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 142 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414459