History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois, 1819-1914


The Disciples of Christ, known today simply as Christians, had their origins in the fertile religious climate of nineteenth-century America. This new sect was formed by members of diverse congregations throughout the new nation who had become dissatisfied with the rituals and sectarian concerns that they felt were distracting men and women from the true message of Christ. The principal belief of the Disciples as espoused by such leaders Dr. Abner Jones, Elias Smith and most notably Alexander Campbell, was in the absolute authority of the Scriptures in their most literal interpretation. Not surprisingly, their message spread rapidly with new churches springing up across the United States. This text provides a detailed history of the evolution of the Disciples of Christ in the state of Illinois, covering each new church and ministry founded between the years 1819 and 1914. Chapters include "Beginnings in Illinois," "The Period of Conquest," "Christian Education" and more. Genealogists will benefit from over 170 pages of biographical sketches of notable Disciples. A new index of full names has been compiled for this edition.


Nathaniel S. Haynes 

(1915, 2000), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 790 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414589