The Descendants of Hugh Howell


The Descendants of Hugh Howell - Janel Marie Howell and Jeanette Phethean. The Descendants of Hugh Howell traces all the known children of Hugh Howell (born in Wales, 1659), who immigrated to America about 1680. Hugh settled in northwest New Jersey, where his son, Sampson, reared five sons. Two moved to Ontario about 1800, where some of their descendants still live.

This text tells the story of the Howell family through the Revolution up to 1999, the birth date of the youngest member of the family. Though none of Sampson's sons appear to have served in the Revolution, there have been Howells involved in every major war since that time. Those who went to Canada also served their country honorably. Though few Howells appear in history books, the family has made many contributions to society as farmers, factory workers, in business, and on the railroad. This memorial to one such Howell family is based on information gathered from numerous descendants. The authors have found at least one descendant in almost every one of the United States, and in all the Canadian provinces.

Jeannette Phethean has been researching her family for almost twenty years and has written a biweekly genealogy column for the Leesburg, Florida, Daily Commercial for the past twelve years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in science from Penn State and a Master's in education from Trenton State College in New Jersey.

Janel Howell became the historian of her branch of the Howell family after the deaths of her uncle and father. She has visited almost every cemetery in the Warren-Sussex region of New Jersey, photographing markers and collecting obituaries. Though Jeannette and Janel have never met in person, they have collaborated on this project by means of email, telephone, and the United States Post Office.

(2000), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, fullname index, 350 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414596