Monmouth County, New Jersey, Deeds Books A, B, C and D


Monmouth County, New Jersey, Deeds - Books A, B, C and D - Richard S. Hutchinson. Monmouth County, was formed in 1683 and is one of New Jersey's original counties. Early settlers (many of them persecuted Quakers) originated from Long Island, Barbadoes, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The author has derived these abstracts from the county clerk's copies of the recorded deeds maintained at the Monmouth County Court House, in Freehold, New Jersey. "The early deed books of Monmouth County, New Jersey, are made up of many types of recordings. They show the formation of the 'government' in this new land while recording for us the names of those early settlers of this original county in New Jersey." Records are grouped by deed book: Book A (1669-c1680), Book B (c1685-1690), Book C (c1691-1696), and Book D (1697-1714). The early deed books covered much more than deeds, including the minutes and orders resulting from the first "Assembly." Early entries list the names of original settlers along with the number of lots they purchased, and offer a glimpse of the tribulations faced by the inhabitants. Appointments, elections, court cases, juries, Letters of Attorney, Powers of Attorney, business transactions, land sales, marriages, recorded ear marks, arrest warrants, notes, and items of interest to the community are also recorded. Land transaction entries include the names of buyer(s) and seller(s), their hometowns, date of sale, location, size and price of the purchased, names of adjoining landowners and witnesses to the deed. (2000), 2006, 8½x11, paper, index, 162 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414794