Our Maryland Heritage, Book 19: The Bowman and Gue Families


This volume, nineteenth in a series about Maryland families, is devoted to the descendants of George Bowman and Elizabeth Gue through more than 200 years, and ten generations, in male and female lines. The book opens with some of the earliest records of the Bowman family found in Maryland references, followed by genealogical sketches of individual Bowmans, including George (c. 1759-), Rezin I. (c. 1780-1842), Allen (1783-1866), Aden (1787-1869) Jacob (1744-1821), and Amelia (1783-), and their descendants. Individual chapters cover Bowman families of Montgomery County and Bowman families of Frederick County with descendants not discussed in previous chapters. The latter portion of this volume looks at Montgomery and Frederick County Gue families and their descendants, followed by genealogical sketches of the descendants of Joseph Gue (b. c. 1796) and Elizabeth Ann Bowman (b. c. 1812). A chart demonstrating various lines of descent, a bibliography, and a fullname index enhance the value of this work. All royalties from this volume support the Montgomery County Historical Society library.

William Neal Hurley, Jr.

(2000), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 202 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416040