Hawley, Halley, Holley and Families of Similar Surnames: A Resource Book


Found In The Early Records Of Maryland And Virginia Whose Descendants Migrated To Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Washington And West Virginia 

The areas of concentration in this work are England, Maryland and Virginia. In the MD and VA colonies, the Hawley surname took the form of Hailey, Haily, Hale, Haley, Halley, Hally, Haly, Haulin, Healley, Healy, Holey, Holley, Holly, Hoslly and other spellings. Allied families include Bridwell, Burch, Colvin, Davis, Dickerson, Dillard, Downs, Emerson, Gilbert, Hutchison, Oden, Perkins, Trexler and Woolridge. References to free and bonded slaves are included.

Laura Hawley 

(2001), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 354 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418044